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Sources of Electronic Mechanical and Surplus Parts

This catagorized alphabetically sorted list is offered as a starting place to search for electronic and mechanical parts. Some sites are in multiple catagories as applicable. There are many other companies that sell parts but they are geared to sell in quantity to commercial accounts. The following companies sell small quantities to individuals with no or low minimums. All of the links go off this site. Happy hunting and let me know if you find a company that should be on this list or is no longer in business. For companies that have closed operations, I have kept them in the lists but have shown this status by striking the name and displaying in initalics (after all this is a nostalgic website). This list contains U.S. companies only because I don't have info for other countries. I'd be very happy to include entries for other countries. Any info from you folks in Canada, Great Britain, Australia or wherever?


Note: I have no personal connection with or any recomendations for the companies listed.

Last update: 6 Feb. 2024