Electric Radio Heathkit Article List

Electric Radio Magazine is a great resource on all brands of vintage radio gear and the history of radio. Articles cover a wide range of subjects. Subscriptions are available as well as back issues. A back issue database is available whch can be searched. What follows is a chronological listing of articles gleaned from the database pertaining to Heathkit which is the focus of this webpage.
Companies and IndividualsDrift,Marty WB2FOU/5, HeathkitCollectorDrift6Oct-8925
Collecting/Repair/RestorationHeath HO-10 Noise ProblemsLutzinger12Apr-9017
ModificationsLow Frequency Response in the Heath ApacheMorgan20Dec-9015
Miscellaneous - TechnicalHeathkit Series of Q-Multipliers, TheSwynar44Dec-9224
TransmittersAT-1: Heath Gets on the Air, ThePenson46Feb-9320
Miscellaneous - GeneralHeathkit, My Last (?)Ishmael47Mar-9323
TransmittersDX-100: Heathkits Big Gun, ThePenson49Apr-9310
Miscellaneous – TechnicalCan Do! The Heathkit CantennaPenson49May-9320
TransmittersHeath AT-1, Rebuilding theIshmael50Jun-9324
Miscellaneous – OperatingHeathkit Users Net to Start in October-51Jul-9319
Miscellaneous – TechnicalHeath IP-32 Power SupplyIshmael52Aug-9326
TransmittersHeath DX-20Ishmael55Nov-9330
ReceiversTX-1 and RX-1: Heathkit's Green MachinesPenson56Dec-9328
TransmittersHeath HW-16/HG-1OB Martin62Jun-9426
ModificationsHeath Model VF-1 VFO, Solid-Stating theIshmael66Oct-9420
Test EquipmentHeath Vacuum Tube Voltmeters, TheMiska66Oct-9428
Collecting/Repair/RestorationHunting for Heathkits: The Rarest of the Rare (AT-1, HX-11, HW-19,CA-1, VX-1, AM-2, PM-1, CO-1)Penson72Apr-9514
TransceiversHeathkit Tenner, Sixer and TwoerPenson74Jun-9510
ReviewsBook Review - Heathkit a Guide to the Amateur Radio ProductsWiseman76Aug-9530
Miscellaneous – GeneralWriting the Heath BookPenson77Sep-9529
Miscellaneous – GeneralHeathkit Manuals, Part 1Hruza78Oct-9518
TransmittersHeath HX-10 Marauder Transmitter Story, MyHarris78Oct-9532
Companies and IndividualsFiebich Papers: New Insights into Heathkit, ThePenson80Dec-9512
Miscellaneous – GeneralHeathkit Manuals, Part 2Hruza80Dec-9524
Miscellaneous – GeneralAnatomy of a Heathkit ManualKaeding82Feb-9626
Miscellaneous – GeneralHeathkit Manuals, Part 3Hruza82eb-9620
ConstructionModulator for the Heathkit AT-1 Transmitter, AKelly85May-9630
Miscellaneous – TechnicalHeathkits That Weren't, Part One, The SB-670 Antenna TunerKaeding85May-9624
Miscellaneous – GeneralHeathkit Manuals, Part 4Hruza86Jun-9639
Miscellaneous – TechnicalHeathkits That Weren't, Part Two, The SB-240 2KW Linear AmplifierKaeding86Jun-9636
Miscellaneous – TechnicalHeathkits That Weren't, Part Three, The SB-645 External VFOKaeding87Jul-9636
Miscellaneous – TechnicalHeathkits That Weren't, Part Four, The HD-1781 RotatorKaeding88Aug-9618
Companies and IndividualsHeathkit's 50th: The Green Turns to GoldPenson93Jan-9726
Miscellaneous – TechnicalHeathkit ErrataPenson96Apr-9723
ReceiversHeathkit GR-81 Regenerative Receiver, TheHanlon98Jun-9720
ModificationsHeathkit Mohawk, New Hope For Your, Part OneBonomo103Nov-9720
ModificationsHeathkit Mohawk, New Hope For Your, Part TwoBonomo104Dec-9720
ModificationsHeathkit Mohawk, New Hope For Your, Part ThreeBonomo105Jan-9820
AmplifiersHeathkit Chippewa AB1 Tetrode Linear, The, Part 1Bonomo106Feb-9820
AmplifiersHeathkit Chippewa AB1 Tetrode Linear, The, Part 2Bonomo107Mar-9820
TransmittersHeathkit DX-60, Some Notes on theMeadows107Mar-9810
Test EquipmentHeathkit VTVM's, ThePenson116Dec-984
Miscellaneous – GeneralHeathkit Mohawk Schematic with K6AD Mods AvailableBonomo121May-9942
Collecting/Repair/RestorationRecreating a HeathkitEvans132Apr-0010
Test EquipmentHeathkit C-3 Condenser Checker, TheHanlon135Aug-0011
Miscellaneous - TechnicalHeathkit VX-1 Electronic Voice Control, TheHanlon 136Sep-0034
ModificationsAdd AM to the Heath SB-400/401 TransmitterBreshears139Dec-0028
Modifications160M AM for the Heathkit DX-60Breshears140Jan-0120
Construction160M Converter for the Heathkit SB-301 Receiver, ASwynar145Jun-0128
ReviewsCD Heathkit: The Early Years, ThePenson146Jul-0118
TransmittersHeathkit DX-40, TheIshmael155Apr-0210
Companies and IndividualsStancor, the Heathkit of the Thirties and FortiesTeeters157Jun-0210
ModificationsHeathkit HO-10 Power Transformer Guretzky174Nov-0328
Companies and IndividualsStory of Daystrom Ltd, Home of British Heathkits, TheGordon-Smith179Apr-042
ReviewsHeathkit, A Guide to the Amateur Radio ProductsStone179Apr-0432
TransmittersHeathkit AT-1 That's a Real McCoy!, TheHanlon183Aug-042
Test EquipmentHeathkit C-3 Condenser Checker, RestoringGordon189Feb-0523
ReceiversHeathkit AR-2 Receiver, TheHanlon193Jun-052
ModificationsDX-60: It Works CW Too, The (Heathkit)Lucas197Oct-0512
Collecting/Repair/RestorationDANGER! Check that Heathkit BoatachorFitton202Mar-0629
TransceiversHeathkit Pawnee HW-20 Transceiver, TheRiff202Mar-0619
Collecting/Repair/RestorationHeathkit Movie Star, The (HW-101 Story)Teeters206Jul-062
Collecting/Repair/RestorationResurrecting of a Heath HR-10B ReceiverPaschall210Nov-0629
Miscellaneous – TechnicalHeathkit Vacuum Tube Sideband LineKaraner210Nov-0623
ModificationsHeathkit HW-100 AM Transceiver, TheKaraner211Dec-0616
ModificationsAM Automatic Noise Limiter for the Heath SB-3xx Series Receivers, AnEkstrom214Mar-0724
TransceiversHeathkit Lunch Boxes, TheKaraner214Mar-0720
Collecting/Repair/RestorationTuning the Heathkit SB-200 Linear Amplifier Input Circuit CoilsGregowski215Apr-0737
ModificationsPower Supply Replacement/Upgrade for the Heathkit SB-400 and SB-401Waldrop215 Apr-0734
Collecting/Repair/RestorationRestoring the Heathkit Marauder TransmitterWaldrop220Sep-0742
Collecting/Repair/RestorationMore Drive for the Heathkit DX-100Svoboda224 Jan-0840
Collecting/Repair/RestorationPower Cord Solutions for Heathkit and Johnson EquipmentEvanyk224Jan-0836
Collecting/Repair/RestorationPower Cord Solutions for Heathkit and Johnson EquipmentEvanyk225Feb-0840
Miscellaneous – TechnicalHBR-16 Receiver with a W7QBR, Heath QF-1 and Drake 2-BQ Q-MultipliersBipes226Mar-086
ReceiversHeathkit All-Wave Beginner's Radio, Model K-2, TheRancourt228May-0842
ModificationsModifying Heathkit Crystal FiltersStock231Aug-0842
ReceiversHeathkit HR-10 Receiver, TheHanlon232Sep-0814
ModificationsHeathkit HR-10 Receiver UpdateStock234Nov-0826
ModificationsSimple Heathkit SB-401 Modification for Stand-Alone Operator ConvenienceRichards237Feb-0936
ModificationsPerformance Upgrades for the Heathkit DX-100Felton242Jul-0917
AmplifiersHeathkit KL-1 Chippewa Amplifier, TheFirey243Aug-0928
Test EquipmentEliminating the Heathkit VTVM BatteryMarcellino244Sep-092
Collecting/Repair/RestorationHeathkit Brown Paint SourceDailey246Nov-0944