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The following are contributors to this site. Their help is appreciated and this sites creation and growth would not have happened without their inspiration, resources or contributions.

First I want to thank Dale Wentz KB9JJA for the idea of a site devoted to covering a product line. Dale created the original Heathkit Matrix. I simply carried the idea over to Heathkits competition and merged them.

Thanks to John AC8FL for the DX60A schematic and block diagram.

Thanks to Bob Grieb for the EMC 502 schematic and info.

Thanks to MaryAnne Johnson for the link to the Circuits for Kids website.

Thanks to pf9000 for the Eico 352 schematic.

Thanks to Graham Hayes for pointing out the missing Heath stereo amplifier list.

Thanks to Mark Kilson for the EMC 801 schematic.

Thanks to Jim Kauf for the Paco S-55 picture.

Thanks to Patrick Hickey for the inspiration to do the Heathkit TV and computer sections.

Thanks to Vincent Shaff for corrections to the Heath EU-80A calibration doc.

Thanks to Whipaway for corrections to several Heath test equipment entries.

Thanks to Mark WB7TNJ for the Heath XR-1 materials.

Thanks to Jonathan Wexler for the nice pictures of an Allied 83Y128 VOM.

Thanks once more to David Grause for continuing to contribute high quality Heathkit calibration and specification docs.

Thanks to inspiration and information from Brian in Kristen McNeill's fifth grade class, I have added a page under General Info that presents a list of sources of information on electronic circuits and theory. For some reason, I never thought to share such a list. Brian and Kristen fixed that problem! Thanks Brian and Kristen!

Thanks to Jeff N2LXM and David WA6VVL for the Heath PS-1 schematic. Now all 4 PS supply schematics are available.

Thanks to Barry NF1O for the Conar 311 info.

Thanks to Leo K9RSO for the ET-3300B schematic.

Thanks again to David Grause for continuing to contribute high quality calibration and specification docs.

Thanks to Robert WA5CAB for the picture of the EMC-906 Vibrator Tester.

Thanks to Keith in Victoria for the picture of the nice EMC-600 scope.

Thanks to John Teller for the info on the Heath IM-32.

A big thanks to David Grause for first coming up with the idea to include calibration instructions for Heathkit test equipment and then creating the actual documents! He did very high quality work. They are formatted so that you can print them and use them on the bench. This work would probably never have been done by me. Look for the hammer icon (calibration tool - get it?) in the matrix. David also contributed a bunch of specification files which have also been added. This is a great example of sharing with the community (which is why this website exists). I have a full time job (lucky me) and two new granddaughters so my time is precious. I appreciate all the help I can get. David's work really adds value to this website. Any other ideas out there? Thanks David!

Thanks to Gene KB4EMV for the picture, specs & schematic of the Allied 83-106 VTVM.

Thanks to B. Ware for a correction on the Heath TA-16 pic.

Thanks to Robert Cochran for a bunch of Heathkit audio products information. Robert provided some specs and corrected a bunch of dates. I appreciate the help!

Thanks to Shawn Mitchell for the AR-27 pics.

Thanks to Bill Gerhold K2WH for a bunch of Allied materials.

Thanks to Fred Olsen for corrections to some Heath test equipment listings.

Thanks to George for some Paco pictures.

Thanks to Gary Harmon for the IP-2715 schematic.

Thanks to Dave W1TDD for bringing Stancor to my attention. Without his suggestion, I might never have added the Stancor section (even though it took me sooo long).

Thanks to Richard Raisley for pointing out the abscence of Dynaco from this site. If it weren't for Richard, who knows how long it would have taken to correct this?

Thanks to Howard Emerson for info on the Paco L4 speaker system.

Thanks to Milton Valerio for the correction and picture of the Heath TC-2.

Thanks to Larry Esau AD6W for the idea to include a list of current kit providers.

Thanks to Barry Tuttleman for the GD-1B extended coil documentation.

Thanks to Bob WB2VUF for the SBM-102 HW/SB Modification document.

Thanks to Mark WB8JKR for the great mod doc covering optimizations of the HW101 and SB10x.

Thanks to Fred Olsen for corrections to some Heath test equipment listings.

Thanks to Jim Miller for the IC-1001 pictures and thanks to Dan Batryn for a bug report.

Thanks to Malcolm Leonard for supplying hard to find info on Paco audio gear.

Thanks to Roger W9ING for the HW-6502 pictures.

Thanks to Milo Austin for the heath GR-17 tip.

Thanks to Daniel Batryn for a product picture.

Thanks to Dom N1DM for some Eico info.

Thanks to Daniel Batryn for some Eico probe pictures.

Thanks to Fred Olsen for his corrections. I solicit corrections! I bet I have a few misteaks...

Thanks to Norbert Kraemer for the Eico ST-3120 info.

Thanks to Mike Kassay VE3MKX/VA3HKT for a bunch of great heathkit pictures.

Thanks to Ron Evans and KC1DI for contributing info on the T-50 transmitter.

Thanks to Neil Morrison for providing an EMC flyer. Without his help, there would be no EMC page.

Thanks to Henry Parsons for the Heath JK-18, EUW-27, IM-5225, IO-4235 & IT-7400 info.

Thanks to Chuck N7RHU for Allied and Eico contributions as well as inspiration and material to start the PACO section.

Thanks to Don Peterson for a bunch (over 100) of Heathkit images.

Thanks to Terry N0XHC for the VL2280 info.

Thanks to all of the online auction listers for your pictures and information.

Thanks to my wife Michele for tolerating my late night design work on this site. She doesn't quite understand the fascination with this old electronic stuff but she knows I like it.

Thanks for the emails of encouragement, your submissions and corrections. This site started out as something just for me to be able to look up a kit and get its picture and description. That it is of value to others is very gratifying. It's fun to think that I am in a way "connecting" to all of you who use this site.

73's Ken KB7RGG

Dale's Credits

This is only a partial list of credits, credit is given with the pictures, and in the data files to those who have provided the information.

First off I would like to thank Chuck Penson, who wrote such a wonderful book "Heathkit - A Guide to Amateur Radio Products". This book was the inspiration for the web page. Chuck has also allowed me to duplicate some of the information in his book on the web page. Most notably is the Heathkit product information on the matrix. Thanks a bunch Chuck.

Thanks to thank Joe Lutz W7LPF/4 for taking the time to type in all those wonderful Heathkit service bulletins. I know they will be one of the most used items on the page.

Thanks Keith Rowland K4KGW for providing us with the some of the information on mods appearing in QST, as well as a bunch of specification on some of the old test gear.

Thanks to Gary Wood K0IMJ for allowing me to link to the fine pictures on his page.

I would also like to give credit to my wife Mitzi (KB9PNQ) for allowing me to take the great amount of time to work on this web page, and for her shared interest in Heathkits.

A big thanks go to all of the wonderful people that have given me great encouragement, and comments about the page. The page was first posted to the list servers on November 22 1997, and I was overwhelmed with e-mail, and offers to help gather information for the page. There are many faces behind the keyboards, digital camera's, and scanners, that are making this page possible. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

73's and enjoy the page, de KB9JJA/Dale

Last update: 12 Apr. 2023