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Electric Radio Allied Article List

Electric Radio Magazine is a great resource on all brands of vintage radio gear and the history of radio. Articles cover a wide range of subjects. Subscriptions are available as well as back issues. A back issue database is available whch can be searched. What follows is a chronological listing of articles gleaned from the database pertaining to Allied which is the focus of this webpage.
TransmittersTransmitter Story, A (Knight 50 Watt)Meadows61May-9424
ModificationsKnight T-60 Transmitter, Modifying theMeadows74Jun-9520
TransmittersKnight-Kit T-50, TheAdams81Jan-9630
Miscellaneous GeneralAllied Radio RememberedDuntemann83Mar-962
Miscellaneous GeneralAllied Radio, Memories ofGreenberg93Jan-9736
Miscellaneous GeneralAllied Catalog, The 1937Miska95Mar-9734
TransmittersKnight Kit T-150, TheHanlon101Sep-9720
Miscellaneous TechnicalVan der Biji and the Knight-Kit KG-686Hogrefe137Oct-0032
Collecting/Repair/RestorationCleaning Up the Knight Kit Ocean HopperIshmael184Sep-0424
Collecting/Repair/RestorationReconstruction of a Knight DX-erBittner190Mar-0532
Collecting/Repair/RestorationRebuilding the Allied Radio Knight Kit Space SpannerIshmael193Jun-0529
Collecting/Repair/RestorationRebuilding the 1946 Allied Radio Knight Kit Ocean HopperIshmael200Jan-065
Receivers- TransmittersHam Radio's Twins: The Knight Kit R-100A and T-150Smith201Feb-0636
Collecting/Repair/RestorationKnight-Kit R-100A and T-150A Story, ARose211Dec-0629
ReceiversAllied Radio A-2516 Receiver (Trio/Kenwood JR-500SE)Wallace212Jan-0736
ReceiversCollins 75S-1 Copy Cats (Allied AX-190)Teeters215Apr-07 22
TransceiversKnight-Kit TR-108 2-Meter Transceiver, TheRiff223Dec-0734